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In the US alone, one in five adults experienced a mental illness in 2017-2018. With the COVID-19 pandemic, those figures worsened. Options beyond medication are limited, stigma continues to be a challenge, and therapy comes with a steep price tag for many people who may not be able to afford ongoing care. Everyone should have the opportunity to live up to their fullest potential by taking care of themselves physically and mentally. Revery Labs is challenging the status quo by making wellness affordable and accessible.Our team is comprised of diverse backgrounds and industry expertise. Our collective journey as a majority-female team from non-traditional backgrounds has brought resilience and innovation, turning challenges into unique strengths. We've leveraged our experiences at Google and Samsung, striking a balance between engaging game mechanics and clinically validated sleep interventions.Press: TechCrunch, Forbes

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Meet your new best friend, Kado the koala! Pocket Kado® is a virtual pet whose routine mirrors yours. Learn how to sleep again with a fun and effective app for insomnia developed at Stanford, in collaboration with top sleep psychologists, therapists, and researchers.

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Official Winners of the National Sleep Foundation’s 2023 SleepTech® Award

NSF’s SleepTech Award recognizes the year’s most innovative efforts in advancing sleep technology and is a feature of NSF’s ongoing work to encourage and celebrate efforts by which sleep science and insight are rapidly incorporated into accessible health products and services.Find out more

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Revery Labs® is a mental health gaming company on a mission to make wellness accessible to everyone.

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Dr. Fiona Barwick, PhD, DBSM
(Stanford Medical)

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Dr. Stanley Liu, MD, DDS, FACS
(Stanford Medical)

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Dr. Ryan Kelly, PhD
(Geeks Like Us)

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Khoa Tran
(Cofounder & CEO)

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Stephanie Wong
(Cofounder & CTO)

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Eric Whittington

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